Sea Cucumbers Are More Than Just a Delicacy 海参, 不仅仅是一道美味

Bêche Nutraceutical harnesses health benefits in new supplements coming to market

by Allison Lawlor

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

The powerful substances found in a marine animal with a 20-centimetre long tube-shaped body found off Nova Scotia’s coast intrigue Dr. Reem Abuzaytoun.

Dr. Abuzaytoun’s fascination with the Cucumaria frondosa, also known as the orange-footed sea cucumber, led her to study the oil extracted from it for five years as part of her doctorate degree at Dalhousie University. Her intimate knowledge of the healthy substances contained within the tiny sea animal makes her excited about Bêche Nutraceutical’s new dried sea cucumber supplements coming soon to market.

“The extracts contain bio-active ingredients. They will help prevent diseases and cure diseases,” says Dr. Abuzaytoun, now a part-time faculty member in the Chemistry and Physics Department at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.

Not to be confused with vegetables, sea cucumbers are marine animals that have been eaten and used in medicines in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. In North America, more and more research is being done on sea cucumbers. Promising results published in several medical research journals show they contain a long list of beneficial substances, including antioxidants.

Bêche Nutraceutical’s sea cucumber supplements will offer a wide range of health benefits from providing relief for arthritis pain to improving cardiovascular health to slowing down the aging process, says Dr. Abuzaytoun. The supplements may also help to cure diseases.

“It is rich in carotenoids. These antioxidants are powerful,” she says. “They are used in cancer therapy.”

The orange-footed sea cucumber is high in chondroitin sulfate, an important component of human connective tissue found naturally in human cartilage and bone. Chondroitin is a major component of cartilage that helps it retain water.

“It will minimize the pain caused by arthritis,” she says.

Sea cucumbers have also been found to be rich in compounds called triterpene glycosides, which possess antifungal, antitumor and immune-boosting properties. Dr. Abuzaytoun’s studies showed in addition that the sea cucumber harvested in Nova Scotia is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically EPA. Evidence shows that eating foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease and may also help decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.

When choosing supplements from Bêche Nutraceutical, Dr. Abuzaytoun believes consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits. The procedure the company uses to produce the sea cucumber supplements is a good one that doesn’t compromise bioactive properties.

“Temperature fluctuations are used to break down the fibers without losing the nutrients,” she says. “They don’t use any chemicals.”

Of the more than 1,700 species of sea cucumbers around the world, Dr. Abuzaytoun thinks Nova Scotians are lucky to have the one known for its unique properties, including carotenoids, so close to home. She is excited Bêche Nutraceutical is making it easier for health-conscious consumers to benefit from the sea animal.

“When consumers choose a nutritional supplement, they are looking for something that can prevent disease and cure diseases,” she said. “The best product will be Bêche.”
Bêche 营养食品公司即将推出新营养补充剂


在新斯科舍省的海岸,在一种20厘米管状身体的海洋动物身上,发现了一种强大的物质,这种物质引起了Reem Abuzaytoun博士的兴趣。

Abuzaytoun博士处于对Cucumaria frondosa(又名北极海参)的兴趣,使她在戴尔豪斯大学攻读博士期间,耗时五年时间研究如何从此类海参中提取出含有的油。通过她对这种微小海洋生物体内所含有健康物质的深入了解,使得她对Bêche营养食品公司即将上市的新型海参营养补充剂十分看好和期待。

“这种提取物中含有生物活性成分,它们将有助于预防及治疗疾病。”Abuzaytoun博士说。她现在是圣文森山大学(Mount Saint Vincent University)化学和物理系的兼职教授。












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