The 1st Annual Halifax Chinese Business Showcase首届哈法华人商业展

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Showing newcomers therearea variety of business opportunitiesin Nova Scotia was the goal behind a recent Chinese business and networking event in Halifax.

The Halifax Chinese Business Showcase was held at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel on September 13. The event brought together 16 different Chinese businesses and featured a number of guest speakers and workshops designed to showcase how the Chinese business community in Nova Scotia has grown.

Event presenter Ken Chen of Quest Realty sayswhen he came to Nova Scotia in 2001 for school, he found many of his colleagues ended up leaving the province for work.

“I remember a lot of immigrants coming here and in the first couple months they liked living here, but sooner or later they couldn’t find any business opportunities,” said Chen. “So they went to places like Vancouver or Toronto.”

However, through the work of Chen and other entrepreneurs who stayed in the province, the Chinese business community is now more varied.

“Before you’d see a Chinese restaurant, another Chinese restaurant and another Chinese restaurant,” said Chen.“Here [at the showcase] we have a car dealership, afilm company, a realestate company and immigration consultant.”

Many of the event’s presenters said they liked the showcase because they could connect with other entrepreneurs, while also offering advice to students and those new to Nova Scotia.

“I’m very happy to be here,” saidJim Zhang of Right Source Food International, an exporter and importer of seafood, during the event. “There are so many young entrepreneurs setting up their own companies, so we can help those people who want to stay here and give them resources.”

Be able to connect with others is something that Christine Yang, program coordinator of the Connector Program at the Greater Halifax Partnership, found useful when choosing to stay in Halifax.

“I think Halifax is somewhere that feels like home,” said Yang.“You can go to Toronto where there are many opportunities, but in Halifax you are not just a number. There are people willing to help you and also you can be part of a community.”

Even though Halifax is small, Yang admittedit’s often hard to network with others when you aren’t familiar with a place. This is why events like the showcase are important.

“We can connect new immigrants to the local and international community of business leaders and professionals so they can find the right connections and stay in Halifax,” she said.

Others, like Kevin Song of Quest Realty, mentioned they can help their fellow immigrants in other ways.

“I become a realtor because I want to use my knowledge and experience to help newcomers to find their forever homes in Nova Scotia, while also trying to help them to find their own business [opportunities],” he said.

While the international and immigrant business community has grown there are still a few road blocks. One area that Chen highlighted was that Halifax and Nova Scotia needs to become more internationally known.

“Nova Scotia is a very special place,” said Chen. “Here people are nicer and it’s a better place for family businesses, but it’s not promoted properly. In China, a lot of people don’t know about this place; they know about Toronto or Vancouver because they bigger places.”

However, no matter what needs to be improved upon, the Halifax Chinese Business Showcase was a success. Not only was it well-attended, but along with the 16 businesses featured,five others werewaitlisted in case another presenter had to cancel. There are plans to expand the showcase in 2016 toinclude more businesses and guest speakers.


2015年9月13日, 第一届哈法华人商业展暨华人秋季招聘会在哈法海港万豪酒店隆重举行。活动展示了16家华人企业,并邀请了相关演讲嘉宾,展示了哈法蓬勃的华人商业圈的面貌。

来自Quest Realty的地产销售代表陈纲分享,2001年,他前往新省求学,发现大多的同学最终都选择离开,前往其他省份工作。





“我很高兴能参与其中,”来自Right Source Food International进出口海产品公司的张文政在活动上谈道:“有许多年轻人想要留下创业,而我们正好能为他们提供资源与支持。”

来自Halifax Partnership Connector Program的项目统筹杨沁认为,搭建更广阔的社交网络能够帮助新移民、国际生获取更丰富的人脉资源,从而把握更多的创业、就业机会。




除此之外,来自Quest Realty地产销售团队的宋涛提到,他们也在用自己的方式在帮助华人同胞。


国际企业以及移民企业的发展仍面临各种挑战。陈纲认为,帮助哈利法克斯和新斯科舍省打响国际知名度, 是一大重要解决方案。




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