The ART OF CRAFTING AT Flowers of Spring春天工作室:你在哈法所未见过的手工花卉艺术

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For Yidan Li flowers aren’t just nice to look at; there’s also a sense of beauty and craftsmanship in being able to make flowers by simply using nylon, thread and wire.

Li is the co-owner of Flowers of Spring with her husband Russ Gaudet, a boutique that specializes in nylon or ‘Tori’ flowers and Real-Touch flowers. Li, who first immigrated to Canada in 2005 and has lived in the country on a permanent basis since 2008, didn’t think of opening a business until a recent trip to China. While there she ordered supplies to make nylon flowers, but found herself left with 25 boxes of material she didn’t know what to do with.

“I looked at my husband and said ‘what are we going to do’ so we thought maybe we could do a little business,” says Li, who also found since making nylon flowers wasn’t common Nova Scotia, it was time to introduce them to the province.

Gaudet finds that nylon flowers fit in with other Nova Scotia-based craft industries because of how much detail and attention is given to each flower.

“Yidan sees the skill that is involved and the pride of workmanship in everything from crystal to pewter to quilts and homemade sailboats and canoes,” says Gaudet. “She gives each and every piece the same kind of meticulous detail and crafts her product with love and pride.”

The couple opened Flowers of Spring on the Bedford Highway in early September. Along withselling Real-Touch flowers and Li making different nylon floral arrangements, she is also offering classes. With these classes, students are able to create different kinds of nylon flowers – from roses to lilies, depending on their skill level.

“There are many different kinds of styles” says Li. “The more you do it, the more these different ideas come out.”

Since September, the classes have grown to include more days and times. Originally there were four classes, two days a week. Now Li teaches morning classes of six students from Monday to Saturday, along with evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Additional evening classes of up to four students can also be pre-booked.

“They have a blast; it’s social time for them,” says Gaudet, noting that once a student takes a class they are eager to come back again. “Every time she [Li] makes something to put in the shop, they [the students] want to learn it.”

Even though Li’s students are eager to try different arrangements, they are a bit apprehensive when they first start.

“When they come here, they don’t know how to make it [the flowers] and say it’s so difficult, but when they do it they see it’s easy,” says Li who guides each student in a step-by-step process.

Gaudet mentions one student who didn’t think she could make flowers because of a pre-existing medical condition. However, due to amount of attention that is sometimes needed to complete a flower, the student was forced to focus on their task instead of their ailment.

“[One student]has had pain for quite a while, but the exercise she does with her hands making these flowers helps with mobility and also gives her something to concentrate on instead of pain,” he says.

Overall, Li has found Flowers of Spring to be a worthwhile venture, with the way the craft brings together students and helps them being just two of the many rewards.

“I like that it gives people some place to go… when they are here, they are like family,” she says.

For more information on Flowers of Spring visit or call 902-835-8006.


艺丹与她的先生拉斯.高德特共同创立了春天工作室(Flowers of Spring)花艺店,专门出售尼龙花/东篱花以及仿真花。艺丹于2005年第一次来加拿大。2008年,她选择定居加国。她最初并未想要创业,而最近的一趟中国行,却给了她不少启发。一次,她订购了一些材料来制作尼龙花,没想到还剩下25盒材料,当下艺丹不知道该如何处置它们。



“艺丹心灵手巧,她能研究透各种手工艺的制作,从水晶、锡器制作到缝纫,从帆船到小独木舟。 ”高德特说:“她用心制作、一丝不苟,她的作品充满着爱与自信。”

2015年9月初,夫妻俩在Bedford Highway上的店面开张了。店内除了出售仿真花和艺丹亲手制作的各式尼龙花,艺丹还开设了花艺课程,教授学生做不同种类的尼龙花。从玫瑰到百合,课程的难度大小取决于学生的掌握快慢程度。











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