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Sea Cucumbers Are More Than Just a Delicacy 海参, 不仅仅是一道美味

Bêche Nutraceutical harnesses health benefits in new supplements coming to market

by Allison Lawlor

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

The powerful substances found in a marine animal with a 20-centimetre long tube-shaped body found off Nova Scotia’s coast intrigue Dr. Reem Abuzaytoun.

Dr. Abuzaytoun’s fascination with the Cucumaria frondosa, also known as the orange-footed sea cucumber, led her to study the oil extracted from it for five years as part of her doctorate degree at Dalhousie University. Her intimate knowledge of the healthy substances contained within the tiny sea animal makes her excited about Bêche Nutraceutical’s new dried sea cucumber supplements coming soon to market.

“The extracts contain bio-active ingredients. They will help prevent diseases and cure diseases,” says Dr. Abuzaytoun, now a part-time faculty member in the Chemistry and Physics Department at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.

Not to be confused with vegetables, sea cucumbers are marine animals that have been eaten and used in medicines in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. In North America, more and more research is being done on sea cucumbers. Promising results published in several medical research journals show they contain a long list of beneficial substances, including antioxidants. Read More →

The ART OF CRAFTING AT Flowers of Spring春天工作室:你在哈法所未见过的手工花卉艺术

Ingram - Flowers15_2Ingram - Flowers13_2

For Yidan Li flowers aren’t just nice to look at; there’s also a sense of beauty and craftsmanship in being able to make flowers by simply using nylon, thread and wire.

Li is the co-owner of Flowers of Spring with her husband Russ Gaudet, a boutique that specializes in nylon or ‘Tori’ flowers and Real-Touch flowers. Li, who first immigrated to Canada in 2005 and has lived in the country on a permanent basis since 2008, didn’t think of opening a business until a recent trip to China. While there she ordered supplies to make nylon flowers, but found herself left with 25 boxes of material she didn’t know what to do with.

“I looked at my husband and said ‘what are we going to do’ so we thought maybe we could do a little business,” says Li, who also found since making nylon flowers wasn’t common Nova Scotia, it was time to introduce them to the province.

Gaudet finds that nylon flowers fit in with other Nova Scotia-based craft industries because of how much detail and attention is given to each flower.

“Yidan sees the skill that is involved and the pride of workmanship in everything from crystal to pewter to quilts and homemade sailboats and canoes,” says Gaudet. “She gives each and every piece the same kind of meticulous detail and crafts her product with love and pride.” Read More →

A Multitasking way to Success多面发展是我职成功的秘诀


Ivy Liu has had many opportunities since immigrating to Canada, but says her success isn’t due to luck; instead it’s due to values instilled upon her at an early age.

Liu who is originally from Guangdong Province says that her father, the provider for a family of six, often told his children about the benefits of hard work.

“He always taught me no matter what you do, work hard and be honest and you’ll never have to worry about anything,”says Liu, noting this philosophy helped her when she and her husband moved to Canada in 2008 to be closer to his family.

Upon arriving, the couple settled in Fort Severn, Ontario where Liu, who had been a teacher in China, thought she would work odd jobs or be a teaching assistant.

“I didn’t have any of the education or teaching experience needed here in Canada, but when we went there one of the teachers who was supposed to teach grade five and six didn’t show up,” she says. Read More →

Colin Dodds reflects on his years-long relationship with China科林道兹谈与中国交流合作关系

Cover Photo
By Chris Muise

Dr. J. Colin Dodds has experienced a lot of firsts up to and including his tenure as president of Saint Mary’s University. He was first made a member of the faculty in September of 1982. His first day on the job as the departmental chair of Finance and Management Sciences and the M.B.A. Director in 1984. His first day as Dean of the Sobey School of Business in 1987, first day as V.P. Academic and Research in 1991, and finally, his first day as the President of SMU in 2000.

Now, in 2015, as his tenure as president comes to a close, he’s starting to experience the flip-side of all those many firsts.

“It’s bittersweet. There’s a lot of ‘lasts,’” says Dr. Dodds, who was preparing for his final convocation ceremony as president at the time of this interview. “Every week, there’s a ‘last’ of some sort.”

Dr. Dodds has accomplished many great things during his 33-year run at Saint Mary’s, and during his 15-year run as president, to the point that it almost does him a disservice to devote an article to just one facet of his distinguished career. Read More →

Hong Kong-Canada Business Association invites friends, partners to share in exchange of multicultural celebrations港加商会办春晚庆多元文化

By  Colin Chisholm
Translation by Christine Qin Yang

Whether you celebrate New Year on January 1, or you celebrate the lunar New Year like in Chinese culture, one thing that both nights have in common is that it’s customary to share that night with friends and family, and anyone else whose company you’ve come to cherish.

This year, Bill Bu and the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Atlantic Section decided they wanted to broaden that notion of celebrating with friends – they turned their annual Chinese New Year Gala into an opportunity for the Chinese community to share its culture with their Nova Scotian friends and associates, and allow those friends the chance to return the favour.

In past years, the HKCBA has partnered with the Chinese Society of Nova Scotia to put on the annual Chinese New Year Gala in Halifax, but this year, they wanted to try something new, and decided to do so solo.

“There are different societies in the community. There are other Chinese community organizations, and they also will come up with something that will reflect their mission, and their interests, and their unique features,” says Bu, the president of the HKCBA Atlantic Section. “People want to have different ways of doing things, people want to try different things.” Read More →

世界顶级二胡大师高韶青A Conversation with George Gao

George Gao, known across the world for his masterful erhu music, uses an upgraded erhu of his own invention, called a Shao Qin. His upgrades give the instrument a greater deal of range. (Photo: Chris Muise) 世界著名二胡大师高韶青和他独创的“韶琴二胡”。他设计改良后的韶琴二胡音域极广。

文/Chris Muise
译/Christine Qin Yang



“我小时候太淘气了。老是和别的孩子打架,还总把自己弄得脏兮兮的。我记得有一天,我刚和别的孩子打完架,把自己弄的全身是伤。于是,我妈妈决定采取一些措施让我静下心来。” 高韶青回忆道。


“我觉得当年父母有他们的想法,他们想教我一些音乐,让我不用下地干活。”高韶青回忆道:“就这样,我开始拉起了二胡。” Read More →

给国际留学新生的建议 Tips for New International Students

Group Jump

Learning the rules 学习新的规则
By Qiuling Wu, International Student Advisor, Dalhousie University



泰森的文章中还谈及了其它几个重点,例如遵守期限、准时赴约。这些看似无关紧要的小细节,却在加拿大高等教育体系中受到高度重视。 Read More →

Celebrating 60 Years of Benevolence 庆祝新斯高沙省中华会馆成立60周年

文/Chris Muise    译/Christine Yang

CBANS Chairman Eric Yeung, showcasing the poster for the 60th Anniversary Banquet. 中华会馆会长杨力维先生在展示会馆60周年庆典海报。

CBANS Chairman Eric Yeung, showcasing the poster for the 60th Anniversary Banquet.

六十年前, 新斯高沙省中华会馆于哈法成立,其宗旨及目的在于:“对内联络感情,排难解纷,办理华侨公益事业,加强华裔族人的团结;对外促进邦交沟通及与其他族裔居民的交流,争取正当权益和公平待遇。” 今天,这个为当地上千华人作出贡献的新斯高沙省中华会馆迎来了它的钻禧纪念。




“他们希望所有的华人都能团结在一起。” 杨会长谈道:“几乎所有华人都非常支持,他们每人捐献五十分、一元、两元,一点一滴支持着会馆。即使他们有些生活拮据,有的只是在洗衣店或者餐馆打工,他们仍尽力为会馆献上自己的一份力量。”

前新省交通工程部门主管也是中华会馆创始人之一的Fred Lee先生回忆道:“会馆成立初期,大多数会员都是来到这里的第一代移民。由于英文水平有限,他们处理事情时常碰壁。所以,我会常常帮助他们。之后,移民政策有所改变,这里慢慢出现较多的华裔移民。他们之中首先出现了学术类移民,后来各类移民逐渐变多。”

随着中华会馆不断地成长壮大,会馆成员有机会接触到很多的新移民,随而帮助他们解决住房、教育、求职等问题。华人移民从事的行业也从早期的干洗店和餐饮业拓展到医学、科研、工程及政府职务等众多领域。 Read More →

少年帆船手眼中的加国生活 Less homework: hook for luring young sailor to Maritimes

by Cyndi Sweeney   译/刘佳宁

Julian Qu IMG_2661 (2)

Julian sailing an Optimist. Photo: Rick Qu



“我想来加拿大。”这个小冒险家说。Julian的帆船之旅始于中国,那时候他代表福建省队参加全国联赛。 2010年对于Julian来说是丰收的一年。那年,他赢得了OP级的省冠军; 也是在那年,他们一家移民到了加拿大。


Read More →