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Sea Cucumbers Are More Than Just a Delicacy 海参, 不仅仅是一道美味

Bêche Nutraceutical harnesses health benefits in new supplements coming to market

by Allison Lawlor

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

Consumers will get a pure product loaded with potential health benefits from Bêche Nutraceutical supplements. Bêche营养食品公司的海参营养补充剂将对人体提供多种健康的帮助。

The powerful substances found in a marine animal with a 20-centimetre long tube-shaped body found off Nova Scotia’s coast intrigue Dr. Reem Abuzaytoun.

Dr. Abuzaytoun’s fascination with the Cucumaria frondosa, also known as the orange-footed sea cucumber, led her to study the oil extracted from it for five years as part of her doctorate degree at Dalhousie University. Her intimate knowledge of the healthy substances contained within the tiny sea animal makes her excited about Bêche Nutraceutical’s new dried sea cucumber supplements coming soon to market.

“The extracts contain bio-active ingredients. They will help prevent diseases and cure diseases,” says Dr. Abuzaytoun, now a part-time faculty member in the Chemistry and Physics Department at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.

Not to be confused with vegetables, sea cucumbers are marine animals that have been eaten and used in medicines in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. In North America, more and more research is being done on sea cucumbers. Promising results published in several medical research journals show they contain a long list of beneficial substances, including antioxidants. Read More →

The 1st Annual Halifax Chinese Business Showcase首届哈法华人商业展

Ingram - business4_2Ingram - business7_2

Showing newcomers therearea variety of business opportunitiesin Nova Scotia was the goal behind a recent Chinese business and networking event in Halifax.

The Halifax Chinese Business Showcase was held at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel on September 13. The event brought together 16 different Chinese businesses and featured a number of guest speakers and workshops designed to showcase how the Chinese business community in Nova Scotia has grown.

Event presenter Ken Chen of Quest Realty sayswhen he came to Nova Scotia in 2001 for school, he found many of his colleagues ended up leaving the province for work.

“I remember a lot of immigrants coming here and in the first couple months they liked living here, but sooner or later they couldn’t find any business opportunities,” said Chen. “So they went to places like Vancouver or Toronto.”

However, through the work of Chen and other entrepreneurs who stayed in the province, the Chinese business community is now more varied.

“Before you’d see a Chinese restaurant, another Chinese restaurant and another Chinese restaurant,” said Chen.“Here [at the showcase] we have a car dealership, afilm company, a realestate company and immigration consultant.” Read More →

The ART OF CRAFTING AT Flowers of Spring春天工作室:你在哈法所未见过的手工花卉艺术

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For Yidan Li flowers aren’t just nice to look at; there’s also a sense of beauty and craftsmanship in being able to make flowers by simply using nylon, thread and wire.

Li is the co-owner of Flowers of Spring with her husband Russ Gaudet, a boutique that specializes in nylon or ‘Tori’ flowers and Real-Touch flowers. Li, who first immigrated to Canada in 2005 and has lived in the country on a permanent basis since 2008, didn’t think of opening a business until a recent trip to China. While there she ordered supplies to make nylon flowers, but found herself left with 25 boxes of material she didn’t know what to do with.

“I looked at my husband and said ‘what are we going to do’ so we thought maybe we could do a little business,” says Li, who also found since making nylon flowers wasn’t common Nova Scotia, it was time to introduce them to the province.

Gaudet finds that nylon flowers fit in with other Nova Scotia-based craft industries because of how much detail and attention is given to each flower.

“Yidan sees the skill that is involved and the pride of workmanship in everything from crystal to pewter to quilts and homemade sailboats and canoes,” says Gaudet. “She gives each and every piece the same kind of meticulous detail and crafts her product with love and pride.” Read More →

A Multitasking way to Success多面发展是我职成功的秘诀


Ivy Liu has had many opportunities since immigrating to Canada, but says her success isn’t due to luck; instead it’s due to values instilled upon her at an early age.

Liu who is originally from Guangdong Province says that her father, the provider for a family of six, often told his children about the benefits of hard work.

“He always taught me no matter what you do, work hard and be honest and you’ll never have to worry about anything,”says Liu, noting this philosophy helped her when she and her husband moved to Canada in 2008 to be closer to his family.

Upon arriving, the couple settled in Fort Severn, Ontario where Liu, who had been a teacher in China, thought she would work odd jobs or be a teaching assistant.

“I didn’t have any of the education or teaching experience needed here in Canada, but when we went there one of the teachers who was supposed to teach grade five and six didn’t show up,” she says. Read More →

China trying sea cucumber like it’s brand new with Seacoo本土品牌开拓中国海参新市场

IMG_9805_pressedBy Chris Muise

Jim Zhang came from China seven years ago to study economics at Saint Mary’s University. His family are in the food business back home, so he kept a keen eye on our ocean’s bounty for prospective new markets here.

“When I first came here, I was trying to look for the local seafood, maybe have an opportunity to bring some to China,” says Zhang.

Zhang would find a seafood product that could give him a foothold in the market, both in China and Canada, but it wasn’t with any of the seafood that we’re famous for. Instead of fresh Atlantic lobster, or haddock, or herring, Zhang is putting Nova Scotia on the map with our local…sea cucumber?

Yes, in case you didn’t know, Nova Scotia waters do play home to sea cucumber, the blobby little creatures known for weaponizing their intestines. Jules LeBlanc has been involved in the sea cucumber industry locally since 1999, but only met Zhang about four years ago. Zhang came to LeBlanc after discovering the product, with an idea for an untapped market to explore.

Sea cucumber is a popular dish in China and other Asian countries, and is consumed more like a medicine than food. It’s touted as a traditional medicine for everything from arthritis to impotency to even cancer – some call it ‘the ginseng of the sea’ – but the health benefits of the Chinese variety of sea cucumber are currently up in the air.

“They farm the sea cucumber in China – the food safety is a problem right now. People used medicine to farm the sea cucumber, then the sea cucumber have that special stuff inside, so it’s actually harmful,” says Zhang. “Once the Chinese sea cucumber safety problem happened, people are looking for healthy seafood from outside.” Read More →

东渡国际新省发展战略:满足多阶段需求,建立长远性合作 Dongdu International’s development strategy in Nova Scotia: Multi-phased to meet demand, build long-term partnerships


Greater Halifax Partnership CEO Paul Kent and DDI chairman Martin Li at the MOU signing.

文/Chris Muise
译/Christine Qin Yang



自此,东渡国际在中国开展市场测试,完成设计理念部分,并在新省盖斯伯勒县(Guysborough)展开详细的市场调研。据悉,东渡将在盖斯伯勒县打造两座奢华度假村,分别坐落在社布鲁克(Sherbrook)和圣约瑟夫(Saint Joseph)——主体服务对象为喜爱环球旅行的中国商务人士 。

“首个项目即将启动,我们正处于筹备阶段,这次项目的名称为亨利赫克斯福德(Henry Huxsford),位于圣约瑟夫。” 东渡国际发言人暨新省顾问斯蒂芬·邓普西先生接着谈到:“设想一下,本次项目的规模为300至500幢别墅,所以现在工程处于建设准备阶段,之后就可以动工。我们正着手于这方面的准备。”


邓普西先生说:“我们对本次项目的成功以及成果表示期待,但中国也有句古话‘千里之行始于足下’。” 他随即谈到了集团的灵活模式确保了本次项目良好的财务状况。“我们在动工前将预售这些别墅。根据我们多年的经验分析,我们对这次项目充满了信心。”

东渡在新斯科舍省投资计划不局限于旅游基地的打造 。东渡国际集团与新斯科舍省都非常看重本次合作计划,其将推动新省的经济格局的转变。如此长远性的合作也将成为连接中加两国文化的重要纽带。 Read More →

中国茶飘香加东Loose leaf tea entrepreneur launches locally with global appeal


Local entrepreneur and CEED graduate, Stella Xue recently launched Mateasse, an online loose leaf tea company with a focus on high quality, freshness. 本地创业者、CEED项目毕业生Stella Xue近期成立网络散装茶叶公司Mateasse,为客户提供高品质、新鲜的茶产品。

文/Cyndi Sweeney
译/Christine Qin Yang

当地企业家Stella Xue对中国茶文化极有研究。她的努力也将中国茶和茶文化带到加拿大大西洋地区。近日,Stella的网络散装茶销售公司Mateasse成立了。她的公司专注为客户提供高品质、新鲜的散装茶。

Stella介绍道:“饮茶对健康益处多多,即使这个因素并非人们饮茶的初衷。” 绿茶有着很好的抗氧化功效,同时还有补水的效果。Mateasse网站上有20余种茶叶供消费者选择。

Stella和她的女儿从浙江杭州移民哈利法克斯已有八年。她说:“我们的家乡被山湖环绕,但离海遥远。” Stella的女儿大学毕业后决定定居在渥太华,而Stella却决定留在哈利法克斯,因为她非常热爱这个沿海城市。

Stella介绍,Mateasse的客户遍布加拿大、美国以及欧洲各国。同时,她的供货商也遍布全球。她说:“我们尤其支持小种植者,因为他们制作的产品品质优良、新鲜,而且性价比高。” Mateasse所销售的印度香料茶的供应商来自印度。 Read More →

哈法-珠海边贸 Coordinated, cross-industry efforts needed to improve bilateral trade between Halifax and Zhuhai

文/Chris Muise
译/Christine Qin Yang

Port Terminal Group

A Canadian business delegation recently paid a visit to Zhuhai Port to explore opportunities to increase cargo transportation between Halifax and the Pearl River Delta of China.





当前,圣玛丽大学与北京师范大学珠海校区有着2+2合作办学项目。该项目每年都为哈利法克斯带来大量中国学生。卜先生表示,教育仅仅是新斯科舍省与中国合作的一个领域。此次珠三角之行也让他发现,不管是加拿大还是新斯科舍省,在中国市场都不被熟知,缺乏代表性。 Read More →

拿省旅游业: 为中国游客采取新举措 Nova Scotia tourism industry eager to accommodate Chinese visitors

by Chris Muise  译/刘佳宁

Charlie Zhang, Marketing Manager of Piyao International Travel, says Nova Scotia needs to put some effort into targeted marketing if we want to see more Chinese tourists. 貔貅国旅市场经理张先生认为,吸引中国游客来拿省需要在市场开发方面投入大量工作。

Charlie Zhang, Marketing Manager of Piyao International Travel, says Nova Scotia needs to put some effort into targeted marketing if we want to see more Chinese tourists. Photo: Chris Muise 




Read More →