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Bringing the Outside in新玩乐空间:Happy Kids 室内亲子乐园


A new playground in Bedford is bringing the benefits of outside play to kids, on days when they can’t go outside.

Happy Kids Indoor Playground was developed from an idea Chao Shi had after he and his wife settled in Halifax. The business opened in late 2015.

“Once we had our daughter, we started thinking about our future in Canada and we found there weren’t many places like this,” says Shi. ““The winter is long and boring, so we wanted to create a fun place for kids.”

There are other indoor playgrounds in Halifax, like Hop! Skip! Jump!in Bayers Lake, but Shi wanted to bring a bit more of home to Halifax, specifically the Bedford area.

“In China there are a lot of [indoor] playgrounds, but here there isn’t much,” he says. “We picked this location because there are a lot of families that live here and it is a large community.”

While Happy Kids might be called a playground, it is designed to be much more than that.

“Our playground is just like a theme park,” he says. “We have an ‘ocean playground’ with our water slide, the ball pit [which] has a pirate ship and our party room has fish around it.” Read More →