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Hong Kong-Canada Business Association invites friends, partners to share in exchange of multicultural celebrations港加商会办春晚庆多元文化

By  Colin Chisholm
Translation by Christine Qin Yang

Whether you celebrate New Year on January 1, or you celebrate the lunar New Year like in Chinese culture, one thing that both nights have in common is that it’s customary to share that night with friends and family, and anyone else whose company you’ve come to cherish.

This year, Bill Bu and the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Atlantic Section decided they wanted to broaden that notion of celebrating with friends – they turned their annual Chinese New Year Gala into an opportunity for the Chinese community to share its culture with their Nova Scotian friends and associates, and allow those friends the chance to return the favour.

In past years, the HKCBA has partnered with the Chinese Society of Nova Scotia to put on the annual Chinese New Year Gala in Halifax, but this year, they wanted to try something new, and decided to do so solo.

“There are different societies in the community. There are other Chinese community organizations, and they also will come up with something that will reflect their mission, and their interests, and their unique features,” says Bu, the president of the HKCBA Atlantic Section. “People want to have different ways of doing things, people want to try different things.” Read More →